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Facts About Costa Rica!

  • Watch the sunset and sunrise about the same time each day

    The sun rises and sets at around the same time 365 days a year. What determines this is the fact that Costa Rica is located between 8 and 11 degrees north of the equator. This means that throughout the whole year, the amount of daylight may fluctuate no more than 1 hour, which is the opposite to a country that is located further north or south where there is less daylight in the winter and more in the summer. The sunrise, then, occurs at approximately 5:30 a.m. and the sunset at about 5:30 p.m.

  • Biggest Oxcart and Yoke in the World

    Costa Rica's most well-known crafts center is famous for its colorfully painted oxcarts and oxen yokes - national symbols of Costa Rican folklore and traditions. The same applies to the "yoke", a wooden apparatus which fits over the necks of two oxen and permits that the beasts can be harnessed together in order to pull a single cart. The oxcart, designed in 2006, encompasses four meters in height and six in length and stands out not only for its monumental size, but also for the vivid colors with which is decorated. MurilloThe yoke, on the other hand, measures two meters in height and four meters in length, and was created in 2007 using hundreds of gallons of paint to decorate it.

  • The Ring of Fire

    Costa Rica´s volcanoes are among the most mesmerizing, in the world. In fact, the present-day landmass known as Costa Rica is the result of complex volcanic activity that took place some 75 million years ago and still continues today. Costa Rica volcanoes boast a stunning 112 sites throughout the country, most of which surrounding areas that have been made into national parks. Experience the thermal hot springs and numerous lookout points.