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A Caribbean vacation should be an experience of Caribbean life
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Begin your vacation or business trip in Jamaica hassle-free by booking a private airport arrival transfer to your hotel.

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      My Vacation with Caribic Tours was an awesome experience. The love with got from the Caribic Tours staff was heartwarming and a wonderful caribic experience.

      Jhon Jeff
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      We didnt have to do anything at all, we just contacted Caribic Tours, and it was set up. thats amazing

      George Matt
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      Its lovely to see your company grow so much, and a think its because you have a wonderful and committed staff behind it all. Kepp up the good work.

      Simone Henry


  • Jamaica

This Caribbean island is typically associated with Reggae and Rastafarian culture. Being the 3rd largest island in the Caribbean, with warm tropical climate all year round and more than 10,000 km of coastline with beautiful beaches, Jamaica offers the visitor a huge diversity of natural beauty, culture and entertainment.

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  • The Bahamas

Discover the precious jewels over 3884 square km of turquoise tropical sea, the hundreds of Islands, each with its own unique flavour. The Bahamas covers just 13,939 square km of land. Formed mainly of flat coral, with just a few gently rounded hills, the highest point in the entire archipelago is just 206 ft.

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  • Barbados

Soak up 3000 hours of annual sunshine, as you explore the wonders of Barbados, to the west, calm waters great for swimming. Whilst to the east massive beautiful waves to entice those who enjoys windsurfing and a great adventure.

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  • Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a perfect blend colonial Spanish culture, natural beauty and contemporary lifestyle. Discover the wonderful rainforest that provide that breathtaking natural setting and exotic wildlife. Enjoy the rum soaked nightlife and or a tranquil retreat in that of magnificent wallet city with captivating architecture…

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  • St. Lucia

The beauty of Saint Lucia provides the perfect backdrop for adventure and romance. Enjoy miles of unspoiled rainforest, gorgeous palm-fringed beaches and the underwater world. Romance can be found at the upscale resorts and intimate inns. Families enjoy onsite waterparks, and evening entertainment for everyone.

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  • Dominican Republic

Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the north and the Caribbean Sea on the south, the Dominican Republic is a vibrant destination whose endless charms bring the island's admirers back, for its world's class beaches, magnificent resorts and hotels, and a variety of sports, recreation and entertainment options.

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  • Bermuda

"The Jewel of the Atlantic"
Bermuda one of the most peaceful and effortless holidays you could possibly dream of. Bermuda is not a single island, rather a string of 180 islands. Only about 20 of these islands are inhabited and seven of the larger ones are joined by bridges and causeways to the main island of Bermuda.

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  • Cuba

Famous for its mojitos, cigars it could just as easily be famous for its pastoral architecture and butterscotch beaches. Expect white sand, turquoise waters, excellent snorkelling and reef diving, and great parties in the evening. Add to that the friendly nature of Cubans, Cuba's hot music scene to the rhythms of salsa, and its immaculate beaches, and you have a vacation destination that stands poised to both meet.

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  • Trinidad and Tobago

This gorgeous, sandy beaches tiny twin island offers you a unique experience as you explore the rich history, culture and biodiversity. Enjoy lush forest and breathtaking views. Tobago, two hours away by fast ferry, is comparatively serene. Azure seas contrast with pale pink sands and golden sunsets. Protected rainforest and stunning coral reefs complete this paradise.

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  • Costa Rica

The land of volcanoes, rainforests, waterfalls, and rivers. A list of world class museums, parks, hotels, theaters, and historic buildings, are some other options to be discovered. The underwater scenery is marvelous, with a wide chain of coral reefs, composed of different types of coral and occupied by an immense variety of tropical fish. Adventure lovers choose from a variety of activities such as rafting, snorkeling, kayaking, sport fishing, surfing, and lots more.

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